Joint seminar

June 2023Pronouns in interaction (Susanne Günthner & Wolfgang Imo)

On 16.6. and 17.6.2023 seminar participants from Hamburg and Münster met for two compact days as part of their course "Pronouns in Interaction" (led by Susanne Günthner & Wolfgang Imo).

(Picture: Susanne Günthner)

On these two days, Master's students and PhD students as well as the two lecturers presented their (first) research results on different topics of pronoun use: Thus, individual prototypically as well as non-prototypically used personal pronouns (ich, wir, du/Sie) in everyday interactions as well as in historical text genres were presented, possessive pronouns in phraseologisms as well as in historical drama texts were discussed, differences in the use of ich resp. 我 in German and Chinese speech interactions were pointed out, constructions such as "can/must be said" were analyzed, and specific honorific forms in Bavarian were addressed. Forms of presentation included lectures, data sessions, and poster presentations.

Overall, all participants drew a very positive balance from the joint event: data were intensively analyzed, links between the topics were established, methodological and theoretical questions were raised, and ultimately it was agreed that such discussion-rich, transregional forms of exchange between students, doctoral students, and teachers should be urgently continued.