Welcome to the website of the research group on personal reference. Our aim is to fill research gaps in German concerning the use of personal, indefinite, and demonstrative pronouns used to refer to present and absent persons.

Research group projects

1. Practices of referring to persons: uses of pronouns in oncological medical interactions

2. Referential practice in transition: the pronoun "man" in the diachrony of German

3. Pronouns as a constructional network: usage-based analyses of practices of referring to persons in spoken interactions

4. Person-referring pronouns in dramatic works: interactional and dramaturgical functions as well as historical change from the Baroque and Enlightenment periods to Sturm and Drang and the Classical period

5. Pronouns as a constructional network: a usage-based analysis of practices of referring to persons in written interactions

6. Multimodality of person reference

7. Pronominal person-reference in letters to the editor in the GDR: communicative functions of personal, indefinite, and possessive pronouns in the context of indexing social groups in an authoritarian system